About Us

Coggins Consultants was created to address the main issue faced by all Startup & High Growth industries. Why burn through your great talent simply because of the growing pains faced by every new business?

Each week we talk to founders and CEO's in multiple industries that face that very challenge and inevitably ask the same thing:

Why cant we keep the great talent we have employed?

Yes you could take the Google approach and pile on the employee benefits (at great cost) and hope your employees become more sticky (believe it or not Google do still have one of the highest attrition rates in the tech industry*), or you can address the root problem before it even occurs.

Inc42.com's article** in October 2015 quite simply outlined the 3 E's to retain employees.

  • Employ The Right People
  • Engage Them
  • Empower Them

Here at Coggins Consultants we provide competitive services to help you get the 3 E's right first time.

We take the pain out of recruiting and on-boarding great product team's, whilst also providing the Product Management deliverables until the complete team is in place and operating effectively.

We also provide ongoing mentoring and coaching for the growing team to aid in maintaining engagement whilst giving the empowerment they deserve.

Google attrition
** Inc42.com

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